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How to Pack for a Road Trip

Road trips are usually long distance trips between one point and another, possibly with several stops, in which the travel is on the road. These kinds of journeys are taken for recreational purposes or for business. If you are a road-tripper, you might already know what I’m talking about or you are hungry for more.…
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How to Protect Your Check-In Luggage

When traveling by plane, I have always searched for a method to protect my checked-in suitcase. We all have seen those videos about people trying to see what’s in our bags or how they are transported from the airport to the plane – sometimes not in a very good condition. So, I started to search…
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How to Travel with Animals – Take Your Furry Friend with You

Let’s face it, some of us, travelers, love animals. And we might even have a pet or… more. But what happens when it’s time to go, what happens with your kitten or your doggo? When you look in their tiny eyes, you know that they maybe understand what’s up with all the packed bags in…
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